School box

No matter where you go, education is the same. Every school in every corner of the U.S. has a stigma…churn out learners according to standards in cookie cutter environments with desks in a row never letting a student speak out of turn while teaching irrelevant content to kids who really don’t care and measuring learners by numbers when real life learning is never about a being measured against number but against performance. This box typifies most schools today. Frankly, if schools do not transform into schools of contextual learning, the desire to learn will be burned out of kids.

Evidence of this comes from the world of high stakes testing where data is King, Queen, and the marriage sheets just so a kid can be identified by a number. Hate to bring us all to the real world, but I wasn’t born as a number and neither were you. Then why are we subjectively assigning a number that describes how much a kid has learned when we really should care more about describing learning. Can learning really be quantified as a number when teachers randomly choose how much an assignment is worth? This worked well for years but needs to rapidly come to end.

It is time to change how we report learning. If I perform everyday of my life and base my growth on how well or not well I can do something, how can a number quantify my learning? It simply cannot. Learning should be based on a talent spectrum where performance is described rather than quantified. General talent levels can be given such as novice or expert and then these can be further described based on the task or product. Wouldn’t it be a better system? More time will have to spent overhauling the current point and percentage system, but it would be well worth it.

The box has to change. If we want kids who can think and learn, we need to reform the system.