Innovate and authenticate

It is no secret there are numerous pitfalls in education right now. My own learning about teaching has taken me to a place where there biggest issue is the need for teachers to shift their practices from being the source of information to being the facilitator where students can attack what they are interested in learning and teachers facilitate the learning process. I know this isn’t popular because the current model of teaching has been to download information rather than experience learning.

To that end, I have been reading a TED Books, app found on iTunes, by Will Richardson titled “Why Schools?” The book isn’t long, just 35 pages, but it is provocative. It is really pushed my thinking about how I should change as an educator and how I should help my students  to be life-long learners. It is impossible to encapsulate all that I am thinking about my own teaching, much less how to express how it will change in one blog post, but I came to some terms that are going to help me change.

Innovate and authenticate.

These two words will help drive my teaching practices into the future. My teaching will change, I am sure of it.