Inquiry takes insistence

20121004-183252.jpg What could be better than having computers for kids to learn with in this digital age? I would guess nothing but I am finding my prediction to be wrong, or maybe partly wrong.

To begin the year I had students brainstorm a long list topics they might interesting and to get into groups that let them explore the topic through a variety of contexts. Now that I am thinking about the word context, I wonder if giving them an alternate context to work within might help. The contexts are the variety of webware that can be found to create new things and ideas.

It seems having the computers means two things to my students. The first is that a computer means fun to create cool new things. I completely understand this because I see computers the same way. Computers mean work and work means looking for information and looking for information means work. What I am not understanding is if students chose topics of interest then researching shouldn’t be a big deal. But, it is.

The insistence comes from me and I find myself insisting too much and too often.

As I am left thinking about this, I am wondering if you have any suggestions?