On Sunday I head to Indianapolis for ISTE Leadership Forum. While I am new to the whole ISTE scene, I am eagerly awaiting opportunities to talk with technology like minded folks. I love working with my colleagues but this affords me the chance to get a fresh dose of perspective. As the tech coach where I work in Boradview Heights, Ohio, it is easy to lose sight of integration with teachers and focus more on technology, and for me it is easy to get lost in it. Even the sniff of new tech brings the salivary glands to peak and I simply cannot resist. So, the chance to learn is intriguing.

Walking into this I want take away. The first is to hear and observe leading edtech folks speak to learn their perspective and how their perspective will shape my own. The discussions I am apart of will give me opportunity to think about being a technology leader and applying leadership principles to my work. Vendors will be there with products so I’ll have a chance to see what is out there. Finally, I will set some new plans and goals for the future.