Do you teach or educate?

Do you teach or educate?

I teach and I educate.  There is a difference but teaching does not mean I educate.

Teaching is the act of standing in front of class to follow a lesson plan while sharing the content students are to learn for the class or period.  It is the act of conveying information from one mind to another to take notes mentally or physically generating a log meant to be used later for review and processing.  This synapse is static; as neural  membranes, students are not receiving or sharing energy to change their mind or capture their attention.  The network of students can be said to be dead because no real engagement is taking place.  As a static, from teacher to student, “push notification”, transfer, the students are not engaged nor being led to some new thought as the information being given to them is not provocative or life relevant.

Education takes place when a student reflects on what is known now and compares that to what is being learned deciding if the content should be kept or discarded.  This is a universal choice process. I think of my choices for lunch and discard all other choices if favor of a salad because I am dieting.  To be educated is to say the mind is changed, learning has taken place for new knowledge has replaced the old upgraded in favor for current understanding of concept, fact or generalization. Education is not standing in front of the class guiding every thought, instruction, and process for every student to do it the same way, at the same pace, and with the same depth.  Students learning maturity determines this for if the work they are performing is relevant and motivating, because it applies to their experiences, then they choose to be educated vs. taught.  In this, the teacher is to become the coach, the one who sees the potential of the student, knows how he/she learns, and then facilitates thinking to learn within the student for the learning leap but helps the child reason through the process without judgement thus sharing a powerful connection between coach as teacher and student and between people as emotional humans.  This is education when a person moves from one point of understanding to the next either by self or by coach with a completely new understanding.

Do you teach or do you educate?

photo credit: chalo84 via photopin cc