It’s a matter of principal

Where there is a lack of vision, there is a lack of progress.  The vision for a school begins with the leader – the principal.  A lack of vision on the part of the building administrator leaves the staff wondering which way they are going, or if there is any direction at all.  The direction, though it may seem aimless, is that, aimless.  The only guiding factor may be a state standardized test – a truth for Ohio right now – that all teachers want to have their students pass leading to a vacuum of real education practice.  The vacuum is the single focus to have students pass the test and while we talk ourselves into deep educational practices continue, they simply cannot.  The classroom and teacher need to be breathe and the oxygen comes from the teacher’s creativity to create amazing learning experiences.  The principal of the matter is that it is up to the educational leader to protect the creativity.  No one said that is easy.

As the education leader in the building, the principal is responsible for various items though the highest priority is education.  Education is not just about teaching, but the overall impact the school has on students, parents and community establishing itself as point of pride.  When the school has a relevant vision and the principal carries it out, the school progresses to educate the students with engaging methods.

It is the principal who should be the visioneer.

What if this is not the case?   Who drives the vision and who takes the ownership if the education leader does not?