Worth the price of the front cover?

If the schools in the U.S. are really as bad as reported, is going worth the price of admission?  

How much does it really cost public schools to educate children?  I admit that I don’t know the answer to that but the price tag adds up quickly.  One category of expenses that I happen to be looking at right now though for no other reason than out of curiosity.

Textbooks cost a lot and the big publishing companies make a fortune.  Making money isn’t bad but does it really have to cost so much?  It probably does by the time you add up all of the man hours and wages to pay.

I am a proponent of not using a textbook because all of the information you need to learn is all online and teaching kids how to search effectively and efficiently is free because Internet and technology are ubiquitous. Once the kids get the hang of finding information, compiling research and creating learning gets much easier.  In addition, there isn’t a worry that the information becomes dates or about another textbook adoption.

What if teachers could pool together resources to create their own textbooks?  It is already happening, but rather than one teacher try what if we pull a bunch of us together and put together an amazing digital book with relevant links and videos published through iBooks or other forum?  Use the concept of crowdsourcing to achieve that and I think the book that is created is usable, scalable, and flexible.

Making such books keeps the costs down in a district and the funds can be used for other things.

Make sense to you?