I can’t imagine

Yesterday many lives were affected when the gunman entered a Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed children and adults.  My thoughts and prayers go out to every family who lost a child, friend, father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandmother or grandfather.

Why would someone, anyone, do such a thing, and what reason is there to shoot children and adults in what seems a senseless act of violence? Why in a school?  These were some of the questions that raged through my mind yesterday as I heard about the shooting.

I cannot imagine how the lives of every person in the community – 30,000 strong – are now changed. If I were a parent who was called to the fire station and told my child was killed, my whole sense of being would be destroyed knowing that my child would no longer come home, smile, laugh, cry, whine, and cuddle with me.  Desperation would fill me because I would have to bury my child in my later 30’s. Rage would fill me because my child did NOTHING to deserve her senseless death via a random act of violence.

Dear parents, families, and schools – my condolences to all who lost a precious life.