Constantly thinking constructivism & creationism

Steven Anderson, here is something I am thinking about.

I am constantly thinking about different ways students can demonstrate their individual and collective knowledge and last nights #edchat forced me to make a generalization I had not known before.  Constructivism and Creationism, two schools of thought that are driving the Twitter conversation, are intimately tied.  

Construction is building from the ground up, working with a group of people to create a plan, and sending individuals off to do their job.  Problem solving is key in building because glitches occur and creativity is needed to solve those problems.  With a solution in place, the worker can go on to complete his work.  This sounds like education – bring staff and students together, create a learning plan, and send people off to learn and create new knowledge.

Creation is making something new.  This new product may be new to you though others may have created something similar, or it is an entirely new product.  Yesterday, Tuesday, October 30th, I created a Storify titled “Teacher Inspiration” by Pinteresting from Edutopia’sBe Inspired” board.  My Storify was just something I felt like doing to bring motivation to teachers who might read this blog or find the “Teacher Inspiration” Storify.  After creating it I thought, “Is it possible to export or embed this into my blog?”  Everything these days can get embedded or exported in some fashion.  Unsurprisingly, my new story can be published to this blog.  What I created was a new way to publish blog posts that are visual and take you to my Storify.  Now, I am pretty sure this has been done by other people, but it was new to me as a way of creating new knowledge and sharing it with others.

So, I have this constant stream of pedagogy running through my head about constructivism and creationism always looking for another to take content and transforming it into new knowledge.

What keeps running through your head?